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Cure Candida
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candida cure


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How To Cure
Candida Yeast Infections
Naturally & Permanently
Without Drugs!

The Only Natural Treatment Plan that's Proven to Permanently Eliminate Chronic Fungal Yeast Infections!

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The Root Cause of Candida

Recurring yeast infections are caused by a weakened immune system that is no longer able to keep Candida yeast in populations under control.

A major part (70% - 85%) of our immune system is located in your digestive tract and is composed of a healthy balance of (good & bad) bacteria that naturally keep Candida populations in check.

When the natural balance of good bacteria is upset yeast populations can multiply quickly and aggressively causing yeast infections and symptoms throughout the body.

Candida yeast can actually re circulate throughout the digestive and urine tracts causing re infections elsewhere!


What Upsets The Natural Balance?

1. Drugs: Antibiotics, steroids, birth control pills and prescription drugs etc... kills both the good and the bad bacteria in your digestive tract.

2. Poor Diet: A diet that is full of over processed de-mineralized, de-vitalized simple carbohydrates (junk food) creates an acidic environment within the intestinal tract.

Good bacteria cannot tolerate this acidic condition and they can then be replaced by bad bacteria, viruses, yeast funguses and parasites.

In the authors opinion diet is extremely important but they claim it can only take you about 50% of the way to a permanent Candida cure!

3. Parasites: Parasites rob nutrients, release toxic poisonous byproducts and create an acid environment in the system. Many so called Candida symptoms are actually symptoms of parasite infections.

4. Heavy Metal Toxicity: Heavy metals create an acidic anaerobic (without oxygen) condition in the digestive tract that increases mucus output. The over production of mucus encourages the overgrowth of Candida and other parasitic organisms.

Once established candida further weakens the immune system via the many toxins it produces. A condition that maintains itself. See The: Candida Cycle


On Top of All of The Above

The primary organs of elimination must be clean and functioning properly. Constipation can allow incredible amounts of Candida to build up in the stagnant colon and getting the bowels moving is critical to eliminating Candida overgrowth.

Organ congestion can also apply to the liver, kidneys and other organs that process wastes in the body. Clogged up organs place an excessive load on other organs which can significantly reduce the overall function and ability of the body to detoxify itself!

This leaves the individual in a state where they never seem to be able to improve their health not matter what change they make to their diet or lifestyle!


Why Drugs Don't Work?

In extreme cases drugs are used to kill large populations of yeast cells and are lifesaving.

Drugs, medications, creams and ointments perform two actions. They either kill yeast cells or treat symptoms. This does nothing to correct the real underlying (root causes) mentioned above!

On top of this they can and do have many toxic side effects such as liver damage!

Drugs, medications, creams and ointments can cause Candida yeast cells to mutate into super Candida strains.

This mutation can make treating future outbreaks much more difficult, if not impossible!

This is known as a drug resistant yeast infection. It is a vicious cycle that leads to the use of increasingly more powerful anti-fungal drugs that produce the same results.

Unfortunately drugs completely overlook the role of the immune system and other organs and add to the toxic load your body is already desperately trying to eliminate.

It's a fact that a 100% permanent Candida cure can never be achieved by tackling just one of the many factors responsible for the Infection.

You must restore the natural balance of your immune system in order to cure Candida and recurring yeast infections permanently!


Why This Cure For Candida Works

Because the How to Cure Candida Guide uses a 5 step protocol to remove the underlying (root causes) of all yeast infections mentioned above!

The protocol includes a anti Candida diet (not a raw food diet), natural anti-fungals, supplements probiotics and cleanses that have proven to be very effective against candida!

Every step of the protocol is in logical order to compliment previous steps and to maximize effectiveness. These facts alone are worth the price of the book!

You will appreciate this step by step system that took the authors over 15 years of combined research and testing to complete.

The guide is very educational, straight forward, easy to understood and follow and flexible to your individual needs!

The education will empower you to make your own decisions and evaluations that can have a positive effect your health in the future.

The authors provide Free updates to their guide and Free unlimited customer support to Insure your success!

Why spend a fortune in time and effort trying to piece information together when you can get this proven system put together by 3 Professional Nutritionist that's Guaranteed to cure any yeast infection?

The How to Cure Candida Guide is an instant downloadable ebook that includes everything necessary to Cure Candida permanently!

This Professional Candida Cure Guide offers a Risk Free 60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!


Ted Wasoski
Milwaukee, Michigan

Expert Review!!

How to Cure Candida is by far the most comprehensive and effective program that I've come across regarding battling Candida. As a holistic nutritionist myself, I really enjoy the "natural" recommendations that Dean, Ryan & Jessica make throughout their work.

It is the same Candida-killing advice I give to my own clients and the results are truly incredible. If you're ready to put your Candida overgrowth, excessive gas, bloating, stomach pains, and so much more behind you, then you should definitely read this ebook! 5 Stars!


About the Authors

How to Cure Candida Guide

The authors of the How to Cure Candida Guide consists of a group of (three) expert nutritionists, medical and nutritional researchers and nutritional consultants.

The program was created out of desperation by these individuals who in their past lives suffered multiple Candida related health issues.

Unfortunately after years of trying they were never able to permanently cure themselves using conventional drugs and medications that only made their yeast infections worse!

They choose to gather together to find a real solution to eliminate the root cause of their Candida yeast infections.

They spent over 15 years and thousands of hours collectively studying health and nutrition and consulting with other naturopaths, homeopaths and various other nutritionists and natural healers.

Until they realized they knew more themselves about Candida and yeast infections than any of the Doctors.

Once they figured out a long term treatment that completely eliminated their yeast infections, they began to delve deeper into the causes so to never get them again.

Learning natural healing methods by researching all the information they could find, they became masters of nutrition and natural healing.

From this time on they became the teachers, spreading the word of natural alternative methods to resolve long standing health complaints.

The purpose of this program is to educate and empower you to make the necessary changes in your life to help improve your health and cure Candida.

The How to cure Candida Program is a how to cure Candida roadmap. Read More: About The Authors


Here's Just a Small Sample of What You'll Learn in The Guide

1. You will learn which toxins cause about 80% of all Candida Symptoms and how to eliminate them quickly.

2. How to Treat Your Yeast Infection Symptoms Instantly!

3. Learn what Vitamin Supplement can Reduce Yeast Infection Symptoms by as much as 50% after just one dose!

4. How to Reduce Candida Symptoms by 50% or more in just 15 days using an easy to make Shake.

5. Learn the Single most important thing you can do to Eliminate Candida.

6. The invisible factors that Cause Candida and how to Address and Treat them.

7. Which factors make you Genetically more likely to Have Candida Related Problems!

8. Find out which Natural Cleanse will eliminate Allergies, Eczema, Asthma, and Much More Permanently!

9. Learn which Top 8 Remedies are most used by Professional Homeopathic physicians and which one is right for you!

10. A Yeast Infection Sufferer should never be without these TOP 7 Supplements, period. Use your Symptoms to adjust your treatment accordingly.

11. Learn how to Purchase Supplements on a Budget.

12. Learn How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle, Eliminate Stress and Get a Better Nights Sleep!

13. Learn the 5 Ways to Test for Candida.

14. Learn how to address Adrenal Fatigue in just 5 minutes and with which Supplements.

15. What toxic chemicals are in over 95% of Soaps and Shampoos that you should Never Use!

16. Learn exactly which foods you should eat and which ones to Avoid!


Results You Should Expect

In most cases you can expect to see immediate relief from localized yeast infections. It is possible to see relief within 12 hours.

However relief from the symptoms of Chronic Candida yeast infections could vary depending on the severity of the disease. In extreme cases in a few weeks if the program is followed correctly.

If you have suffered for many years you most likely need to completely finish the 5 Step Protocol.

You should also expect to see a vast improvement in your overall health within a month of starting the program!


You Will No Longer Suffer From!

Male Yeast Infections
Vaginal Yeast Infections
Oral Yeast Infections (Thrush)
Yeast Infections in Your Toes or Fingernails

Yeast Infections in Your Toes or Fingernails
Remove Parasites and Toxins if Necessary
Cleanse Vital Elimination Organs

Short Attention Span
Problems Learning or Remembering
Depression or Mood Swings
Blurred Vision Or Brain Fog
Constant Migraines or Headaches

Constant Tiredness or Fatigue
Lack of Energy
Shortness of Breath

Chronic Rashes
Skin Lesions

Constant Itching or Burning Sensation In Your Intimate Parts
Vaginal Odor Or Vaginal Discharge
Painful Urination or Other Urinary Disorders

Menstrual Pain
Acne or Rosacea
Food Allergies
Respiratory Infections
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Jumpy Legs

Digestive Pain & Disorders
Bloating or IBS

Muscle Aches
Joint Pain or Swelling
Hand Pain
Hip and Knee Pain

Craving Sugar & Simple Carbohydrates

See The Complete List: Symptoms & Conditions


The Heart of The Program

The 5 Step Protocol

The 5 Steps of the Protocol are a basic blueprint that takes the guess work and confusion out of the cure Candida puzzle.

The guide will give you all of the necessary tools and education to proceed with complete confidence!

If you have any questions the authors offer Free Unlimited Support to help pull you through. This is your key to success since no program could ever answer every possible question that could arise! This service is invaluable!!!

The guide gives you complete step by step directions that includes dosage and timing recommendations and live product links.

The 5 step Protocol is an easy to follow guide to complete Candida freedom.

The intention of the 5 step protocol is to address not just Candida but all major causes of illness!

The 5 Step Protocol Will

Correct: Body pH
Insure: Proper Nutrition
Remove: Excessive Yeast
Eliminate: Your Symptoms
Restore: The Immune System
Restore: The Balance of Good Bacteria
Remove: Parasites, Heavy Metal Toxins and Cleanse Vital Elimination Organs if Necessary

Read More About: The 5 Step Protocol


Included in The Guide

15 Alternative Therapies

The 15 alternative therapies will help to improve your overall health and further eliminate Candida. The therapies are easy to do and very effective.

A few examples of the therapies included are: (Castor Oil packs, MMS, Hydrogen Peroxide), many more are included!

Some of the therapies are not found elsewhere nor are they explained as thoroughly.

The treatments are optional but they can make a huge difference in your recovery rate and help improve overall health and eliminate Candida.

Healthy Lifestyle Chapter

The program includes a Healthy Lifestyle section that details how to be responsible for your own health.

Taking personal responsibility for your own health is one of the most critical decisions you can make to achieve abundant health.

Prevention and being aware of your state of health are critical to your state of mind.

What You Will Learn

1. How important reducing stress levels are including tips and tricks on how to reduce them. Includes recommended supplements if necessary.

2. How to get a better nights sleep. A very important factor! Includes recommended supplements if necessary.

3. Exercise and Weight Loss Information! How to enjoy exercise and the great benefits of it!

4. Juicing and Water. All about the benefits of juicing and water and what a profound affect it has on your health.


The Anti Candida Cookbook

Although diet alone cannot completely cure Candida it is an extremely important part of healing that cannot be overlooked. It is your foundation to build upon!

The diet Is Not a boring impossible (raw food) diet and contains many common tasty wholesome foods. It is geared towards cleansing and alkalizing the body!

The diet contains a list of:

Foods to avoid
Foods to eat in moderation
Foods that are ok to eat
Anti-fungal foods
Foods that Alkalize the body

Alkalizing is one of the most dramatic changes you can do to benefit your health. The diet contains a long list of alkalizing foods!

The diet even contains a natural sugar substitute to satisfy your sugar cravings, Candida yeast cannot feed on it.

The Cookbook Contains Two Charts

Quick Reference Food Guidelines Chart that list foods to avoid, foods you can eat and how many servings to eat daily!


Wellness Tracking Chart to track your daily progress and measure how well you’re doing according to your symptoms score!

You will learn how to identify and diagnose food sensitivities and allergies!

A special section on food combining is included. Food combining lightens the load on the digestive system.

Foods are further separated by digestion speed. The longer a food takes to digest the more if ferments. Fermentation leads to an increase in yeast overgrowth.

The Cookbook is very explanatory, educational and detailed. It is full of practical helpful information and advice!

The program and diet are flexible to your individual needs allowing you to adjust as you proceed.

The authors openly advocate that you should not hesitate to contact them if you:

Have any questions
Need any assistance
Are confused
Or just need someone to talk to

They are there to help and would love to hear from you!

Table of Contents

The Anti Candida Diet Cookbook



The information presented in the How to Cure Candida program is in depth, to the point, very informative, yet easy to read, understand and apply.

The Authors leave no stones unturned and Guarantee that if you follow their program you will cure all Candida yeast infections permanently, without harmful drugs!

Their stated goal is to empower you to make the necessary changes in your life to help improve your health and cure Candida.

The book is very educational and leaves the reader with a sense of Understanding and Power to take Control of and make Evaluations and Decisions that concern their own health!

The How to Cure Candida program offers Free professional (personal) counseling and support to guide you through the program until you reach your goals (Candida infection freedom).

In this way they practically Guarantee your Success and Satisfaction. We have tried their support and find it to be fast, friendly and invaluable!

More Information

Drug Side Effects | Drug Cost Comparison

Candida Test | Causes of Candida

Complimentary Bonus Books
Male Yeast Infections | Vaginal Yeast Infections
Click Here To Download The Complete
How To Cure Candida Guide!
Money Back Guarantee!

The How to Cure Candida program comes with a Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! This means that if you are not satisfied for any reason you can return it at any time and get your money back.

For less than the cost of a prescription you can download this program immediately and start healing today!

With this program there is nothing to loose and everything to Gain. The How to Cure Candida program is really hard to beat at any price!

Note: The information provided to you on this web site was derived from the How to Cure Candida program and is here to help you make an informed decision on this product.

Good Luck on Your Journey to Better Health!


Cure Candida
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